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We have a mobile application for Android and iOS. We also have a web version for TV to place on drop zones.


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With the addition of winds aloft report for the selected airport/drop zone this ap has improved greatly. Developer is willing and eager to take suggestions too! A big plus. Latest updates are great. I like the ability to switch weather stations. This app has really grown since it started. My latest discovery: If your DZ isn't on the app that doesn't mean it can't be! Add it yourself! I really do like the continued development of this product. I also saw that they will have a WEB based version for the DZ. Great idea. Great tool.
Tilghman Smith

Tilghman Smith

Pretty cool Gives student skydivers a better idea about how landing patterns change with current wind conditions, allowing Google maps satellite-view to help set up targets for each leg of the landing pattern. (At least that's how I use it.) Plus there's a cool weather feature with winds aloft and cloud ceilings.
Jonathan Reyes

Jonathan Reyes

The best The new cutaway finder almost makes me want to chop one to see how it works. Almost.
Victor Howard

Victor Howard

Great app, worth it for the landing pattern tool alone.
Eric Breeden

Eric Breeden


Spot Assist is a single person project, though lot of instructors and students are a part of where it is headed.
Andrey Kan

Andrey Kan


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There are big names, like weather.com, accuweather.com etc. They will show you a lot of information: humidity, sunset/sunrise, Temperature RealFeel etc. But what skydiver really wants to know is a combination of very few parameters: wind speed with gusts, wind direction, temperature, and clouds coverage.

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